Whether you choose a photographer who includes drone photography in their package, or go for a separate aerial photographer, the bill will be expensive, so be prepared to devote a good amount of your wedding planning to designing a drone-friendly day. There’s a lot to consider (as if you didn’t have enough to worry about) but if you don’t get it right, you won’t get the video images and stills you were hoping for. 

Drones can be noisy: Noise can be distracting, especially if your ceremony is outside. You want to hear the words that are being spoken, not the sound of a propeller. Also, the sound may cause guests to look up and stop paying attention. It won’t make for good video. So if you’re planning on drone photography during the ceremony itself, make sure the drone is as far away as possible and using zoom to get closer. An experienced UAV pilot will be able to advise on factors like this.

Drones require good weather: High winds and heavy rain may preclude aerial photography on your big day. Your photographer will be able to tell you what time of year is best for drone piloting, and if aerial video is important to you, scheduling your wedding for the right time of year could be crucial.

Drones require a lot of space: Picking your venue correctly is key. If a wedding in the wild seems too extreme, a private estate could work. Perhaps a vineyard? A beach? You need is an open space where the drone can photograph your wedding from all angles.

Drones see things differently: Think like a bird. Consider how things look from above, rather than eye level. Keep aerial photography angles in mind even when picking your dress. If you’re on the fence about the circumference of your skirt, go big. A large skirt or long veil will make you stand out in all your photos from above.

Think width rather than height when you order your decorations, florals, cake, tables – everything.

Drones are fun: Your guests will love the buzz and often act spontaneously and without instruction. But plan for some fun and make sure guests know if there’s something special you wan to to capture from the air. You could arrange them in the shape of a heart, or perhaps capture the drinking and dancing once the formalities are over.

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