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Thinking about drone video photography for your wedding?


Of course you are! Who isn’t? Aerial or “drone” photography and video has become the new “must have” for every wedding. Soon, it will become be the norm. That doesn’t mean it’s compulsory – and you shouldn’t feel pressured to have it. Wedding video photography is not for everyone’s budget – although it can be surprisingly affordable.

This site will explore the pros and cons of aerial wedding photography/video and help you to decide if a Drone Wedding is right for you.



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Drone Weddings: The Ultimate Guide

How much does it cost?

Everyone’s initial question. And like all good questions, the answer is “It depends.” Specifically, it depends what you want because it’s a bit like asking “How much does a house cost?” If you’re getting married at a castle in the Scottish highlands, then you can probably afford to hire a couple of guys for the entire day to produce a ton of spectacular footage.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Drone video / photography for weddings doesn’t have to be spectacular. It’s really just another great way to take pictures. You don’t have to be 100 feet in the air, sometimes just a couple of extra feet makes all the difference. You could achieve the same shots with a ladder sometimes, but that just wouldn’t look cool. The point is, you don’t need to over do it. For most weddings, hiring a couple of guys for a couple of hours is more than enough. After all, in most cases, you’re not looking to make a movie, just to some add variety and interest to your wedding photos with aerial video. You might be able to do that for $200-400. Or for that epic castle wedding, anywhere up to several thousand. Maybe the wedding photographer you pick will also own a drone, able to include a certain number of aerial shots in the package. As drone photography at weddings becomes more of an expectation among consumers, greater numbers of photographic agencies will be able to offer this option. When it comes to price, you’ll also want to know if editing is included, and how many minutes the final product will be. It may or may not also include some “stills”

If you’re lucky enough to be getting married on a Hawaiian beach, then you probably don’t need to worry about approval, however you might want to get approval from the church if you’re planning on flying over the cemetery lawn. The authorities that you ask for approval may want to know more about the company that will be operating the wedding drone, and questions about the legality of the shoot may arise again at this time. (see Is Wedding photography by drone legal?). Not all venues are drone friendly so if this is important to you, research this question before you settle on a venue. Permits may be required in some areas.


Also realize that drone video / photography for weddings is, to a large extent, weather dependent and a windy or rainy day may not allow for drone flight, so don’t set your heart on a drone wedding in mid December if you live in northern Canada.

Safety First

Drones are not toys. Safety is key and a pilot that hasn’t been properly trained could turn your special day into a disaster. Although small and relatively light, the blades of drones can do serious damage if they hit someone. Note that at one wedding, a drone accidentally slammed into a bride and groom who were sharing a kiss at the time. This is the time when you hope the outfit you hired has insurance.

Be aware that drones are not always very quiet and the novelty value of one will almost certainly distract guests, so it would be unwise to attempt to film more serious moments like the ceremony itself. Once the serious stuff is over, let the drone take over, it will become an instant celebrity and may even upstage the bride!

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